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The Radiant Woman’s Handbook – Book Review

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Do we really need another book on extreme dieting, unattainable beauty or celebrity lives?  Aren’t you tired of picking up self-help books or women’s magazines that begin by inspiring you but leave you feeling inadequate?  Maybe The Radiant Woman’s Handbook by author Joanna Runciman can offer some encouragement.

In simple, straightforward language, Runciman reminds us of the true origins of our self-worth.  She encourages us to find our inner beauty (cliche as that may sound) .  She empowers us to make our own individual choices, whether or not that’s what our friends and colleagues are doing.  Just like a friend or loved one with something good to share, Runciman genuinely hopes all women can share her approach to living radiantly.

Joanna Runciman Photo Courtesy:  The Radiant Woman's Handbook

Joanna Runciman
Photo Courtesy: The Radiant Woman’s Handbook

“It is essential to do what best nourishes your body and soul,” the author writes in The Radiant Woman’s Handbook. ” That may not be what your friends are doing or what you see in the media.  Junk food and junk thinking can lead to unhappiness.  Changing how you nourish your body and how you think about your body will benefit you and your loved ones.”

Runciman reveals some of her heartache as a young person struggling with acne.  She eventually found her way to clearer skin through a holistic approach of simpler skincare along with healthy eating.  Her book includes homemade skincare recipes along with common sense advice for anyone who thinks beauty comes in a jar.

Runciman writes, “Regardless of what the advertising claims, you do not need dozens of products to make you look beautiful.  You are beautiful already.  Say ‘I am beautiful.’ You really are.”

If you thought natural living was just for women who consider themselves crunchy or who insist on strict detox diets, this book is for you.  Runciman shares her moderate approach to diet, fitness, skincare and more while giving the rest of us encouragement to find our own paths toward healthier living.  She does include references to some of the most up-to-date science that women want to know about what’s in our cosmetics, cleaning products and food.  Yet she manages to share this information without guilting us into doing anything.

Runciman shares a distinct Christian faith throughout her book, mainly with references from Proverbs; she doesn’t  prosthelytize.  Her book would be a fun bookclub read for those within or without a church setting.  She encourages, “Step out into the world knowing that you are wonderfully made, just the way you are meant to be. “You can read more of Runciman’s related writings at her blog Actual Organics and obtain her book The Radiant Woman’s Handbook here.

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