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Meet Rafflecopter Crew Members

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Excited about all that new media has to offer?  While we embrace simple living here at, we also see that new media, in proper perspective, has its place in our lives.  Just like the television set, of course you have to know when to unplug.  When used wisely, new, social media offers many ways to enhance our lives.  For instance, experts, bloggers and brands are connecting with small and large communities online.  We’re often sharing the best new research and experiences that can help us live better.  Best part of all: it’s interactive!

We were excited to meet some of the crew behind new media darling Rafflecopter at the recent Build Your Blog Conference in Salt Lake City.  You might have seen Rafflecopter’s platform running a giveaway at your favorite blog or business website.  It offers a convenient way for you to enter a contest and frees up online hosts to do the other things they do best.  “We work with over 100,000 bloggers now!” shared Rafflecopter Product Manager Jared Polivka.


Rafflecopter Co-Founder Greg Goodson explains his company’s savvy approach to working with others. “We’re a freemium web app, and what that means is that you can come and use Rafflecopter and run a giveaway from start to end for free.  Actually our free app is very robust and 19 out of 20 folks that use Rafflecopter use the free subscription.  But on that note we have what we call blogger subscription which is $8 a month and you’ll get additional bells and whistles, some additional features with that.  We also have a business subscription and we have a handful of smaller and medium-sized businesses using that subscription for under $60 month.”

Rafflecopter, at just 3 years old, is impressing bloggers and businesses alike with its streamlined features and excellent customer service.  I’ve been one of those bloggers emailing with a question back when I used only the free version of their service, and getting a prompt response.

As today’s new, social media expands into even more places, Rafflecopter is helping transport us into new ways of interacting.  Polivka says, “We’re going to be allowing bloggers to run giveaways with Instagram and YouTube, we’re also going to have more advanced analytics and it should just provide a lot more value all around for our current users.”

Rafflecopter recently helped us with our latest #CleanCouponing related giveaway, which worked even better for us with the enhanced blogger subscription.  For instance, we could start and end a giveaway at precisely the time that fit best for our promotion, and our sponsor was pleased with that.

Goodson says, “We help you collect entries, we help you pick a winner. We have an app that allows you to embed the giveaway on your blog, on your Facebook page. You can even run the giveaway across multiple blogs.”

“We’ll be popping up in a lot more social media channels,” stressed Polivka, “Expect to see a lot more Rafflecopter in the new year!”

*Keeping it honest: except for a really cool t-shirt, we received nothing in exchange for this article!  This is NOT a sponsored post, but rather a feature on how new media is changing our lives.  If you’d like to see more feature stories like this, let us know by liking, sharing and commenting via your favorite social media channels! — Anne

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