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So Many Blogs, So Little Time

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So you’ve just met 400 other bloggers at a conference, attended four classes and discovered a dozen brands that want to work with bloggers.  Where do you begin?

So many blogs, so little time.


I read a detailed interview years ago with a prominent pop culture blogger who was asked how many other blogs he followed.  I recall that he said he doesn’t have time to read other blogs because he’s busy cultivating the best content possible every day for his own blog.

Fast forward to today’s blog networks where everyone is striving to be collaborative and supportive.  This is good.  We’re sharing each other’s posts, commenting and encouraging one another.  Yes, this is a positive.  And yet, glancing at the stack of business cards from just one of the three conferences I’ve attended recently, I can honestly say I won’t find time to read all of your blogs every day.  There, I said it. You and I both know how many hours we have in a day; and in many cases, how precious we consider our time with our children and spouses.


So, where do we find that balance?

Yes, I will check out and follow every last blog I possibly can from the Build Your Blog Conference in February.  Yes, I will be supportive and collaborative.  But I don’t expect you to read my blogs every day just because you met me at the conference and I’m in your support group.

I hope you’ll find the content that you’re looking for, the original articles and resources that aren’t exactly what you’ll find anywhere else — and that will be the reason you bookmark my blog as one of your favorites.  Just like you have a particular set of skills and experiences that have brought you to share through blogging, I hope to use journalism to tell stories and enhance lives in this new media world.

Yes, by all means let’s network.  Let’s also strive to find those places where we can authentically use storytelling and communication to enhance each other’s lives.  I may not get the chance to read your blog this weekend because I need to bake cookies and play with my kids, too.  But I will read it.  The more time you put into your content, the more likely I’ll bookmark and return to your blog.  And I’m looking forward to hearing your perspectives.

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