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Conference Time in Salt Lake City with Build Your Blog

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*The following is a sponsored post for Stonyfield Organic.

The frosty, frozen waterfront was spectacular when we flew into Chicago today; quite a contrast from the summer scene at BlogHer2013. It’s not the place I had planned to be on the first day of the Build Your Blog Conference, but so it is!

There are many things in life worse than airport delays, although you might not know it from the looks of other wilted passengers wondering if they, too will ever make it out of the maze of corridors and crammed seats.

I’m still just as enthusiastic about meeting other bloggers and educators at this weekend’s gathering in Salt Lake City.  I’m just getting a later start.  I was unable to fly from East Tennessee to Utah last night because Dallas, my planned connecting city, was iced in.  Then a seemingly minor mechanical problem kept our plane from leaving Knoxville this morning.  It happens.

Thanks to sweet Vivian with American Airlines for finding a clever route that offers some hope of getting to the conference before all of Friday’s festivities are over. For all you might  complain about airline customer service, you have to admire the tenacity and earnestness of the Vivians of this world.

I see and hear from their social media posts that dozens of women are having a fantastic time already! Luckily, all of the educational sessions are tomorrow.  And being the nerd that I am, that’s the most interesting part for me.


I’m incredibly grateful to Stonyfield Organic for giving me this opportunity!  If you’re in person at the conference on Saturday, be sure to say hello.  Tell me what your favorite flavor of yogurt is, and I have a small treat to share with you.

I’ll be following up soon to let you know what I discover at this cool conference!

— Anne



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