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Stacy Malkan’s GMOs: What You Need to Know Virtual Conference

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Should I turn the kids loose in the cereal aisle or limit their choices?  Does it really matter what most USDA-approved school lunches are full of these days?  High fructose corn syrup is the same as other sugars, right?  Eating well has gotten a lot more complicated than your grandmother’s era of “eat your vegetables.”  If we eat any processed foods, and most of us do, chances are we’re eating genetically modified ingredients.  Biotechnology has promised better yields and amazing food enhancements; making our children the guinea pigs. What if — just what IF there were serious reasons to question the long-term health effects on our children and our environment? Wouldn’t you want to know all the facts so you could make informed food choices?  Next week, you have an unprecedented chance at FREE access to top experts in a number of areas related to GMOS.


Host Stacy Malkan, co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and media director of California’s Right to Know campaign, is hosting an exclusive series of interviews  next week called GMOs: What You Need to Know.  This series is being offered in virtual conference style, and YOU are invited!

Expert guests include Food Democracy Now’s Dave Murphy, who has championed efforts to protect non-GMO farms from unwanted contamination; biologist Michael Hansen of the Consumers Union, and mom Robyn O’Brien who wrote the book Unhealthy Truth after coping with her children’s mysterious food allergies.

You’ll want to check on the full schedule of speakers so you can see your favorites for free, but you still have to register.  Plus, you can choose to purchase full access to the entire conference, to watch at your convenience.  Malkan interviewed 18 leaders in all — from farmers to medical doctors to business leaders and scientists.

A preview of GMOs: What You Need to Know is set for TONIGHT at 10 Eastern, 7 Pacific time, on Twitter. RSVP at this page for this special #EcoWed event!

Here at, we’ve been telling you about GMOs for some time:

  • We’ve visited farms and ranches, sharing stories like this one from a Kansas rancher who grows seed the way his ancestors did.
  • We’ve shared the message of this heirloom seed company magnate.  
  • We told you about the startling study of rats who developed tumors after eating GMO corn.
  • Plus, we’ve brought you personal stories of individuals and families concerned that GMOs might be affecting their health and who want to see GMOs labeled on foods.
  • Most recently, we updated you about the historic food fight that the US Supreme Court refuses to hear, along with a response directly from Monsanto.

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