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Do We Really Need ____ for Home?

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“Do we really need ______?”  Ever ask yourself that, about even the most seemingly inconsequential purchase for your home?

I hadn’t purchased boxed tissue in months, and the family at home used rolled tissue for the occasional runny nose.  Then we had a visitor who was looking for a tissue and we endured the embarrassment of offering her a new toilet paper roll.

Again, I asked myself, “do we really need to buy tissues?”


I was cleaning out the pantry and came up on a small basket holding squares of clean, old, t-shirt fabric. I had used the fabric for a demonstration that you can save money by making your own baby wipes.

I popped the basket onto the kitchen counter and declared that this was what we’d be using now instead of buying boxed tissues.  I instructed the kids to use the little fabric squares for blowing noses, then just throw them into the trash can.

“But Mommy, why couldn’t we just wash them?” asked my oldest child.  Good question.  So, this is how it begins, when we start asking questions that begin with “do we really need ______?”

Granted, this family is not claiming the level of greenness  that many can when they use, ahem, “family cloth” for a more delicate use in the bathroom.  But something less wasteful and more like our grandparents’ cloth handkerchiefs seem like a reasonable light green way to tackle winter’s runny noses.

What happens at your house when you wonder, “do we really need _________?”  Did you miss it?  Did you save money?

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