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You Gotta Try This: Karate + Stonyfield Greek

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*The following is a sponsored post for Stonyfield Organic.

What new things are you trying this year?  Many of us are trying new approaches to caring for ourselves through fitness, education and better nutrition.  Recently I invited some friends to come out for a free introductory class on karate and self defense. Stonyfield’s “You Gotta Try This” theme was the perfect inspiration for us to step outside our comfort zones and try this fitness class.


Our karate instructor helped us start slow with stretching and stances.  We practiced punching, blocking and kicking.  We focused less on terminology and more on techniques that would help us ease into another karate class if we chose to later on.


A practical self defense portion gave us each the chance to practice avoiding danger and protecting ourselves in a real life situation.  We gained some much-needed confidence.


After class, I had the opportunity to share why Stonyfield helps protect consumers from things we don’t want in our food.  One of the labels on the yogurt cup reads, “we get a kick out of keeping toxic pesticides off our farms.”  We had an interesting discussion about feeding our families, supporting organic farming, and avoiding unwanted additives in foods for ourselves and our children.


I could honestly say, “You Gotta Try This,” about every one of the flavors in Stonyfield‘s lineup of Stonyfield Greek organic yogurt.  I love that a food with zero fat can taste so great and be so protein rich and filling. You can now choose from thirteen different flavors or find plain yogurt, as well.  The flavors vary from 120 to 140 calories per cup, with the vanilla and plain being even less than that.  I was able to share eight flavors during our event, with top tasting votes going to Super Fruits and brand new flavor Cafe Latte. Super Fruits is just as great as it sounds: a fun mix of pomegranate, raspberry and acai fruit. Super Fruits, Blueberry and Strawberry flavors have been perfected!  Cafe Latte is mild enough to please some coffee drinkers as well as some of us who don’t sip espresso.  Cafe Latte contains just a trace amount of caffeine from the coffee extract.  My favorite new flavor is Black Cherry, which tastes far too decadent to be the zero fat yogurt product it is.  You gotta try this #StonyfieldGreek! 


Some friends weren’t able to make it to our karate class because of illness or family obligations, but several still got the chance to try some yogurt.  For those of us who completed the class, we’re feeling empowered to step up our fitness routines whether in karate or other ways in 2014.  It’s been a powerfully good way to start off the year:  more fitness, more fun, and more yummy flavors of zero fat Stonyfield Greek!

Be sure to join us on tonight on Twitter, when Stonyfield will give a $25 gift pack away to one lucky winner during the #CleanCouponing Twitter party!  Follow @cleancouponing and @floursackmama and join us at 9 pm eastern to chat about clean couponing — being frugal with more than money!

Disclosure:  Anne is proud to be involved in social media this winter as a compensated #StonyfieldBlogger, and she shared complimentary yogurt from a special delivery from Stonyfield. As always, her opinions are her own.

(This post is not intended to provide any medical, fitness, nutrition or safety advice. Please seek professional medical advice before starting a new fitness program.)

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