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Food: KISS

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Our homes and lives have become so busy and sophisticated…we can’t even understand what we’re eating anymore.  Really, have you tried reading the labels?  Maybe we just need to go back to the KISS method:  keep it simple, stupid.  No, we’re not stupid; we’re just uninformed.  How can we keep food simple enough as to ensure it might do what’s originally intended and nourish us without unwanted side affects?  Here are a  few reminders:

  • Grow a garden
  • Know your farmers
  • Try the farm market or CSA
  • Read labels in grocery stores
  • Seek non-GMO and USDA Organic foods
  • Make at least some meals from scratch
  • Appreciate the simple things — how can you improve on freshly picked berries?


Listen in on Stacy Malkan’s GMO’s:  What You Need to Know virtual conference this week to learn more about epic changes in our food system and decide for yourself whether you want to eat genetically modified foods.

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