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Winter Housekeeping & Welcome

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Welcome to!  Make yourself at home and come back to visit as often as you’d like. We have your busy family in mind when we share the best of Grandma’s traditions, all the while improving on what we know better.


In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been doing a lot of winter housekeeping around here.  New site design, tidying up links to your favorite stories and topics, all of it an ongoing work in progress.

Of course, this isn’t some big, impersonal place where hundreds of people are creating a website made to look simple and inviting.  So it won’t always be perfect.  It’s an authentic, started-from-scratch blog. On the other hand, it’s not a daily rant or an effort to bore you with the everyday happenings of one family.  We bring you real news, useful information, different points of view, plus an authentic perspective on things like child safety and wellness.  For instance, we advocate for clean air and think it’s a mighty useful thing to have around — not going to apologize for what you might call advocacy journalism.

Here’s a longer version of what is all about, along with some important contact and media information.

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