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Do One Thing Thursday with Energy Star: Laundry

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Ready to do one thing to save energy and money?  Energy Star’s tips this week focus on efficiency in the laundry room.  You’re probably already being smart and frugal with your laundry room habits, but these are good reminders.   Here are my favorite Energy Star tips on laundry:do_one_thing_badge

  • Wash laundry with cold water when possible.
  • Wash full loads to get maximum efficiency.
  • Use the high or long spin option if your washer has this feature, which will help the clothes dry faster.
  • Clean the lint filter and scrub it occasionally to remove dryer sheet residue (or toss dryer sheets altogether).
  • Air-dry clothes on a clothesline when possible.
  • Buy an Energy Star washer.  (Dryers don’t participate in the Energy Star rating system.)


More detailed information about making your laundry routine more energy efficient at this website.

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