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Do One Thing Thursday with Energy Star: Cool Fridge

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How cool is your fridge?

Is it set between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit per the Energy Star guide?

Is it set in a cool place away from a hot appliance like an oven, with plenty of air circulation around it?

Is it overstuffed?  That’s a tough tip to follow after the holidays, but Energy Star suggests leaving a little space inside the fridge so it can run at maximum efficiency.

This week’s Do One Thing Thursday tip from Energy Star is to keep your fridge cool so it can help save energy and money in your home.

If you’re shopping year-end sales for a new fridge, locate the Energy Star label for a potential 15% energy savings over another without the label.  Plus, be sure to have your old appliance properly recycled.

This Do One Thing Thursday series has been a public service of the EPA Energy Star program and

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