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Why this Mom’s Not Always So Cheerful for the Holidays

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“Mom, will you make me a tote bag?”  asked my oldest recently.  That was music to my ears, since I’d been guiltily delaying new Christmas sewing projects, while fabric fit for princess dresses lays folded in my sewing corner.


When the girls were tiny, and especially when there was only one of them, I happily found time to make extravagant, detailed little dresses for the holidays.  My love of sewing for them was one of the inspirations behind  As the girls have grown in number and size and have generally ganged up on me in the fashion arena, my enthusiasm and time have waned a bit.  I still have enthusiasm the day I spot the fabric and tuck it away… not as much when it comes to completing a project.

The saddest part I’m coping with is that peer pressure creates my children’s urge for certain “cool” brands of clothing, while they’ve declared they’re too cool for the cutesy things I used to sew them.  Part of what holds me back from sewing is wondering if my oldest will even wear a homemade dress anymore.  Of course, it’s time to step up my game, let her play the part of fashion designer, and teach her how to sew along with me…when I can find the time.

In the meantime, I’ll play along with her request for a new tote bag.  That I can finish in one afternoon and do so while sparing my child the embarrassment of having to wear something that’s not from the “cool” store.  As much as I’d love to finish new Christmas dresses, I’m reassuring myself that other investments of holiday time have been worthwhile.  The girls and I have been watching live stage shows, they’ve been singing Christmas music at church, and they’re learning that a gift doesn’t need to be wrapped underneath the tree.

Maybe it’s okay if I don’t find time to create every picture perfect moment I’d like for our family this Christmas, even the matching handcrafted dresses.  Do you find yourself creating unrealistic expectations around the holidays involving your time or others’ enthusiasm?  Here’s hoping your family finds a way to peacefully enjoy the season minus any extra stress.  Here’s hoping you have fun!

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