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National Day of Action for REAL Chemical Safety Reform

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Scientists have found unsafe levels of lead and flame retardant chemicals in decorative strings of beaded holiday garland.  You have to scrutinize the ingredients in everything you purchase for your children, if you’re concerned about their health and safety.  Even certain cleaners and fresheners you use to spruce up your home for the holidays could be hazardous to your health.  Did you know manufacturers can keep many ingredients hidden from us, even if they haven’t proven those ingredients are safe?  Pediatricians say we need changes to protect our children, but those changes still aren’t happening.  If you think this all sounds ridiculous, this is the day to do something constructive about it!CallforReform

Join concerned people across the country in calling for real chemical safety.  This is a national Day of Action.  Sadly, a bill before Congress called the Chemical Safety Improvement Act wouldn’t live up to its name as drafted, and unless it is revised with much better language (like that recommended by doctors and scientists) it will be nothing more than greenwashing.  We need to tell Congress we’ll only support REAL reform that protects pregnant women, children and the most vulnerable among us.

Sign up now with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and make a call today along with thousands of other people just like you.  You can connect directly with your Congressional office in Washington or call the Congressional Switchboard at 1-888-907-6886 and tell them which state you’re from.

SCHF is the nation’s largest coalition that is working to protect families like yours and mine.  It has the support of nurses, pediatricians, scientists, educators and moms — lots of moms!  When you call your US Senator, you can tell briefly from your point of view why you’re concerned about authentic chemical safety reform so we know products we buy are safe. Maybe you’re expecting your first child, perhaps you have health concerns for growing children or maybe you just want to live a healthy life without unnecessary toxic exposures in your everyday products.

Thanks for taking that couple of minutes to call today, because your voice matters!



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