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Hurray for the Pumpkin Pie!

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Hurray for the pumpkin pie!  Isn’t that the way one of the season’s songs ends?  No matter how sacredly you may treat this Christian holiday or whether you only take part in the secular waiting for Santa Claus, you’re probably partaking in plenty of food.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s My Plate program reminds us to go easy on the gravy and use other common sense tips to lighten up our holiday meals.


Several YoGetters like me have been using Stonyfield’s substitution guide to try organic yogurt in place of heavier ingredients like butter or sour creme.  This has been especially fun in this season when I’m sampling the best of Stonyfield as a blogger for them.

Maybe this is the season when you’ll want to watch the Dirty Dozen List to choose at least some favorite foods without pesticide residue.

Of course, local, sustainably grown food like turkey from an organic farm  is ideal.  Whatever your choices for a Christmas plate, may you and yours be blessed!

Because feeding your family well shouldn’t necessarily cost a fortune, we’re launching  for 2014, where we’ll focus on being frugal with more than money.  Whether it’s a holiday meal or everyday cooking and cleaning around the house, we’re striving to bring you resources to make your life better.

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