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Gearing Up for Family Winter Outings Around Town!

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Everyone’s excited about winter vacation time, or even a special evening out on the town!  With winter’s unpredictable weather and perhaps the unknowns of traffic and destination, are you geared up for a holiday outing?  If simply for the sake of convenience, don’t forget to pack water bottles and nonperishable snacks for everyone in your group.  Extra blankets, hats and gloves are always a good idea.

So you remembered the emergency flashlight and solar-plus-crank-powered emergency radio? Check out the Red Cross list for what else you need in case of emergency.  You know staying warm and hydrated is important, but the Red Cross reminds you to also bring along extra cash, medications and extra batteries for essential gear like cell phones.


Once you’ve stocked up the car with essentials, remember fun things like games and other entertainment for the kids.  Singing Christmas carols is fun, but you may want to plan for more than that.

Whether your winter family outing is in your hometown or hundreds of miles away, be sure to prepare for safety and fun!


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