Here are details from USBG staff about what you can expect in the 2013 seasonal display:

o   1878 Paris Exposition Universelle, the famous Statue of Liberty completed head section was showcased, we have created a botanical version that is spectacular!  Also several versions of flying machines, one that was Felix du Temple’s 1874 Monoplane, also displayed at the 1878 Expo. Eiffel Tower with a series of wonderful flying objects, fanciful ‘French’ balloons

o   1884 New Orleans Universal exposition; Mexican Alhambra (Mexican Kiosk) a Moorish style centerpiece, recreated in colorful botanicals.

o   1893 Chicago World Colombian Exposition;  we have recreated the famed FERRIS wheel!!!

o   1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Expo, Seattle WA; Japanese Theatre buildings

o   1919 Panama Pacific Expo, San Francisco CA; We have recreated the Palace of Fine Arts in botanical splendor!

o   1962 Seattle Worlds Fair; the famous Space Needle in all of its botanical glory.

o   1964 New York Worlds Fair, NY;  a focal point for the display, we have created a botanical Unisphere, complete with surrounding water feature, allowing you to plant a formal arrangement of plants surrounding its 8′ diameter base.  Also created are the Tent of Tomorrow and companion Observation Towers to complete the scene.

o   Also…the kids’ tunnel scenes have been completely re-imagined for the Worlds Fair theme to showcase the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE, a recurring theme of all world expositions.

The Seasons Greetings exhibit runs November 28 through January 5.