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Mother Honors Baby’s Memory at Stroller Brigade

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Kelly Moore, RN; Mother Jennifer Canvasser, MSW; Rachael Brant,RN
After Stroller Brigade in Washington, DC

The unmatched strength of a mother’s love propelled one Michigan woman to Washington, DC recently for the national Stroller Brigade for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.  Jennifer Canvasser traveled along with two registered nurses who had cared for her newborn twin boys and their special needs.

After overcoming infertility challenges, Canvasser and her husband, Noah are raising their surviving son, Zachary, while mourning the loss of young Micah who had health complications.

“I am so thankful to have Zachary who is healthy and wonderful in every way,” shared Canvasser. “I would be lost without him. Noah and I miss Micah every moment of every day. We keep Micah integrated in our daily lives and it helps us stay connected and feel close to our sweet boy.”


Baby Micah
Photo Courtesy: Canvasser Family

Canvasser has her masters in social work and works as en environmental health organizer with the Ecology Center, educating other families about the need to protect children from toxins in our everyday environments.  Both professionally and personally, Canvasser advocates for healthier environments for children.  In Washington, she asked Congressional leaders to pass strong legislation for chemical safety reform.  Of particular concern is protecting pregnant women, children and vulnerable populations.


Noah & Jennifer Canvasser with newborns Micah & Zachary
Photo Courtesy: Canvasser Family

“Everything is interconnected and nothing stands alone,” said Canvasser.  “The choices we make matter. The choices that industry makes, on which chemicals to put into everyday products, matter. Our health is interwoven and dependent upon the health of our environment. Healthy families depend upon a healthy environment with safe, nontoxic chemicals.”

Read the family’s story here on the Safer Chemicals blog.

More another time about Canvasser’s difficult decision to share her story with the world.

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