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Blogging Roundtable at Buckhead Diner

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L to R: Bloggers Jamie Miles, Anne Brock, Jennifer Evers, Susanna Barbee, Calley Pate, Front Karen Hartzell, not pictured Denise Davis, At Buckhead Diner in Atlanta

Life is good, a couple of days away from the family is refreshing, and it’s always fun to make new friends over dinner.  The Buckhead Diner on Atlanta’s swanky north side was the perfect setting for getting to know other bloggers in town for  this fall’s Type A Parent Conference.  The retro-style diner flavors culinary innovations and traditions with its distinctly Southern personality.

Grilled Bay of Fundy Salmon Cobb Salad
Buckhead Diner

I ordered the Grilled Bay of Fundy Salmon Cobb Salad.  The salmon was truly melt-in-your-mouth perfect, while the avocado and other fixin’s were scrumptious.

The restaurant sent us a complimentary sampling of their appetizers cleverly called “LittleSnacks!”  The best was their signature Warm Maytag Bluecheese Chips.  To this day, I do not want to know the fat and calorie content of that dish, because it was too irresistible for me to care.


Our complimentary dessert sampler included a little of every decadent thing you could imagine.  My favorites were the Peaches & Cream Custard that involved preserved peaches and a brown sugar shortbread cookie, and Our “Famous” James Beard Award Winning White Chocolate Banana Creme Pie.


I’m easily impressed since I don’t get out much, but even my well-traveled blogger friends thought the food was fantastic.  It even got the approval of popular food blogger Karen Hartzell of In the Kitchen with KP!  Thanks to Jennifer Evers of Me, Myself and Jen for inviting me.  It was great meeting Jamie Miles of South Main Muse, Calley Pate of The Eco Chic, Susanna Barbee of Zealous Mom and Denise Davis of Go Cheap or Go Home.



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