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University of Tennessee Physician Speaks to Group at Unacceptable Levels Screening

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Dr. Ragi Doggweiler, MD
Director of Integrative Healthcare at UT Cancer Institute

University of Tennessee physician Dr. Ragi Doggweiler is accustomed to questions about her integrative approach to healthcare.  She did not shy away from questions from the crowd who’d just screened the award-winning documentary film Unacceptable Levels in Knoxville.  The audience had learned reasons why we’re all surrounded by so many toxic chemicals, with babies born with toxins already in their cord blood.  The audience had learned that while there are few definite answers about cause and effect, a growing body of scientific research hints that we’d all be wise to limit our exposures.

Doggweiler gave the audience some simple first steps to take if concerned about environmental health.  She suggested using a good water filter and seeking organic food. “Food is essential,” explained the doctor certified by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine.  “Food is medicine.”  She cautioned against overuse of antibiotics every time we feel sick.  “Is it needed that we go and get an antibiotic immediately or shall we just take some honey and use the natural power of honey to help us to heal?”


Dr. Doggweiler, originally from Switzerland, now serves as Director of Integrative Healthcare at UT Cancer Institute.  She fielded tough questions.  The physician reassured that her integrative approach is often a complement to traditional therapies that cancer patients receive.  “In integrative medicine, we teach self-care,” she explained.  For instance, Doggweiler’s department offers relaxing therapies like music therapy, acupuncture and therapeutic massage. She explained about massage, “it can help to cope with the stress of cancer.”


Well over 100 East Tennesseans attended the film screening and talk that was supported by community leaders and small businesses, including Sue Wickstrom of NYR Organic Independent Consultants who invited Dr. Doggweiler.  Some of them signed the Tennessee banner that will go to Washington, DC for the national Stroller Brigade with the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition.  Others are sharing their personal stories here that will be hand delivered to Congress seeking nonpartisan solutions to American’s broken chemical safety policy.


Information is coming soon at about another chance to see the film Unacceptable Levels.

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