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STRONG, not scared: UT Medical Center Physician to Speak after Unacceptable Levels Knoxville Screening

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Strongnotscared***BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Ragi Doggweiler, the physician who is Director of Integrative Healthcare at UT Cancer Institute, has agreed to be our featured guest speaker after the Knoxville screening of Unacceptable Levels!  Dr. Doggweiler will address the audience briefly and be available to answer questions.

We are efforting the ability for ticket sales to expand to accommodate the public’s demand for this event.  So please keep visiting the event site for an update  It is not sold out; that is only a technical glitch but is out of the control of local organizers.

Would you believe that our youngest generation is growing up with more threats to their health and well-being than their parents had growing up?  Did you know babies are now born with at least 200 toxic chemicals found in their cord blood?

A young father started wondering about this too, so he made a documentary film on the subject.  Ed Brown and his wife experienced their share of health concerns and started asking questions.  The result is the film Unacceptable Levels, which examines why we all have so many toxic chemicals in our body and what new scientific discoveries have uncovered about them.  Does the dose make the poison?  Top experts explain why the answer might not be what you think.

small image of ULYou can find a film screening in your area at this link.

If you live in the East Tennessee area, you’re invited to the screening on Tuesday evening, October 22 at the Carmike Wynnsong 16 on North Peters Road. is co-hosting the screening along with Three Rivers Market, The Housing Hour and NYR Organic Independent Consultants.  Thanks for additional support from Smart Toys & Books, Knoxville Reflexology, America’s 10 City Challenge, American Print & Promotional, Bona Home and ORCBA Nutcracker!

Link to Knoxville tickets here.

Because knowledge is power, the local community is bringing together as many resources as possible to help you and your family remain STRONG, not scared.


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