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STRONG, not scared: Empowering Women to Speak Up

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StrongnotscaredDo you define yourself by the expectations and approval of others?  Do you make decisions based on risk avoidance or embrace life’s challenges?  Two keynote speakers at the Type A Parent Conference in Atlanta recently shared their leadership styles to motivate the rest of us outside our comfort zones.

The opening keynote was by Amber Naslund, a communications and business strategist who encouraged us to “follow the fear!”  The savvy social marketer encouraged risk taking, telling of instances when she used her instincts and ended up more successful because of it.

Naslund proudly brought along her young daughter to the event and shared her joy in living a less-than-Photoshop-perfect life as a single parent juggling a career.  She reminded us to stop comparing our lives to perfect ones we might see online, but instead to embrace contentment.  “There is no such thing as having it all,” she said, “it’s about having enough.”


Opening Keynote Speaker Amber Naslund
Type A Parent Conference in Atlanta 2013

Closing keynote speaker Erika Napoletano’s Ted X Talk and book about The Power of Unpopular have made her very popular at conferences like Type A.  The brash and admittedly foul-mouthed businesswoman encourages clear and even polarizing branding. Napoletano points out that especially as women we spend far too much time apologizing for opinions and differences we should be proud of.


Closing Keynote Speaker Erika Napoletano
Type A Parent Conference in Atlanta 2013

In clear reference to the best-selling book Lean In, Napoletano shared, “No one in this room needs to lean in.  I’m not gonna lean in.  I’m gonna jump!”  While her presentation started off bold and foul-mouthed, it ended with Type A bloggers sharing personal truths and getting teary eyed onstage.  Her website can be crude in its attempts at boldness, but this business coach in person projects a softer image about women’s empowerment.


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