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Stroller Brigade of Concerned Parents Heads to Washington

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We buckle them up in a carseat before they even leave the hospital, we teach them not to talk to strangers and we insist on helmets for bicycle riding.  But when it comes to long-term health and safety, we can feel powerless to protect our babies from the toxins all around them. Before birth, our babies are already exposed.    1374134_10151635988161744_821759609_n

Because even the most educated mothers can’t do it all alone, moms from around the country are joining forces for a Stroller Brigade at the US Capitol.  We want real reform to protect our families from toxic chemicals that end up in our homes.  These aren’t necessarily what you’d think of as industrial products or byproducts of new construction, although they can be.  We can unwittingly bring toxins into our homes in the form of food packaging, children’s products, even the furniture we use.

Join us in Washington on Tuesday, October 29 as our Stroller Brigade brings attention to the need for real toxic chemical reform.  Or join us online.  Get RSVP links here.  I’m grateful that the coalition Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families is making my attendance possible so I can help encourage Washington leaders to listen to real families like yours and mine.

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