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National Stroller Brigade Promotes Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families!

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You’re busy enough to barely find time for weekly shopping.  Do you need to spend an extra hour just reading over the ingredient labels?  Some parents feel they do these days, as the latest science and health information points to toxic chemicals used to make products we buy for our homes.  If you think it’s ridiculous that shoppers might need to look so closely at what they buy, you’re not alone.  While some manufacturers and retailers are slowly converting to safer formulations, the United States lags behind in setting any sort of policy standard that takes the latest science into account.


National Stroller Brigade in Washington, DC
May 2012

This behind-the-times situation for consumers is stirring scientists, pediatricians and concerned parents to converge on Washington for today’s national Stroller Brigade for Safe Chemicals, Healthy Families!  There’s real cause for concern as chronic diseases in our children are on the rise and mysteriously high levels of autism and other learning disabilities are plaguing this young generation.


The late Senator Frank Lautenberg
at National Stroller Brigade in May 2012

It’s been a year and a half since a similar event took place.  Sadly, we’ve since lost Senator Lautenberg, who championed safer chemicals legislation.  And Americans are still waiting for real reform of America’s broken chemical safety policy.

Thanks to all of the concerned folks who spoke up for the Mind the Store campaign to nudge retailers to support safer products.  And thanks for sharing your personal stories that will be delivered today to leaders who have the power to improve public policy.  If you can’t join us on the US Capitol lawn this morning, you can join in online by connecting with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and see a live video stream of the event.


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