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Green Your Halloween: Simpler Costumes, Less Scary Makeup

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Have you decided to go greener this Halloween or fall festival time?  Will you save money, find safer products, simplify?  If buying a costume ready made from the store works simplest for you, understood.  You might want to avoid slick plastic PVC or anything with a strong plastic smell to it.  You might also choose a wig instead of mysterious colored hairspray.


Consumer advocates have raised concerns about what’s in our products, even cosmetics sold to use on our kids at this time of year.  A few years back the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found lead in several types of children’s face paint, and the FDA does not even have standards for the amount of lead contamination allowed in cosmetics.PurePoppetMakeupSample

The kids and I tried a sample of children’s makeup given to us by Pure Poppet and were pleasantly surprised.  The product claims to be mindful of toxins and to be safe for little ones.  Although we had no way to test that claim, my kids could tell that the makeup was not itchy like some other cosmetics have been on other occasions.  The blue powder we tried was a little messy, but it could be applied dry as an eye shadow or wet as a face paint.The wet paint dried smoothly with just a hint of shimmer and was very colorfast until we deliberately removed it with a creamy cleanser.  BlueEyeshadow

With all of the concern about nail polish, even if it claims to be “3-free,” we decided to try something different for fun fingernails.  We used the sample of Jamberry nails, cut them to fit and let the girls wear those.  They did not stay long on those busy little hands, but they looked pretty!JamberryNailSample

A mom friend recently told us she loves using Piggy Paint nail polish which she was happy to find at a discount store for times that call for polish.PiggyPaintonNails

My kids are often changing their minds about costumes, even asking for two different costumes in the same season.  So, we often rely on handmade, hand-me-down or dress-up bin resources.  UpcycledCape1

I  spent no more than $5 for a secondhand jacket to convert to a witch’s cape, and in the past I’ve upcycled an evening gown into a princess costume.  When kids insist on ready-made costumes, it’s a great savings to find them gently used.

Host Kevin Rhea shares his scary Halloween costume experience plus explores the science of haunted houses on The Housing Hour this Saturday!

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