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Four Reasons to Simplify Today

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You already know more $$$ won’t make you happier, right?  Princeton researchers have concluded that above a basic level of income to cover everyday living, more money doesn’t correlate with happiness.DSC_4937

A penny saved is a penny earned.  You probably think I stole that line from your grandma. Mine taught me that too.  By saving, I don’t mean adopting the “buy more, save more” attitude that marketers want us to have.  I mean sometimes buying nothing at all.

Conservation is cool!  Imagine the bragging rights for a house that creates more energy than it consumes.  Imagine a smart sensor that won’t let the lights stay on when your kid forgets to flip the switch off.  Some energy leaders are already making renewables more commonplace.

Less stuff to clean.  Who just loves dusting?  Me neither.  Yet, dusting and vacuuming are some of the simplest things we can do to reduce our exposure to household toxins, according to environmental health experts.  Reducing the clutter of unnecessary items leaves that much less to dust another day.

We all need space.  The author of Almost Amish describes how a simple routine helps her clear up space in her home by making things neat and tidy before the Sabbath day.   That gives her precious time to spend in her faith and with her family.


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