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Gourmet, catered dinner, a spotless kitchen where no one actually cooks, no handprints on the windows or doors — what a fun fantasy for a stay-at-home, work-from-home mom! For one short evening, the folks at AT & T Digital Life invited bloggers from the Type A Parent Conference to an Atlanta showhome to demonstrate their latest home security and automation packages.  They’re branding their product as Digital Life.


Type A Parent Conference Bloggers Watch Demonstration by AT&T Digital Life

Company reps demonstrated how a remote access devices like your smart phone, can help simplify your life and even save energy. Special keypads can now let the dog walker in only at certain times and notify you when someone does enter.  The keypads contain batteries so they’ll still work in the case of a power outage.  An automated system can let you program the lights and small appliances to go off at bedtime or adjust your thermostat to maximize energy savings. 

Ever have an expensive, damaging water leak?  The folks who designed this system offer ways to detect a leak and even remotely turn off the water to your house.


Keypad offers custom codes, timer and remote access from your phone

AT & T is competing in a crowded field of home security system choices.  Its automation package with extras like the water monitoring offers some of the most updated energy-saving features.  The company sets itself apart because of its strength in the wireless industry and with its storefront presence in many cities.

Even those of us without the picture-perfect home and its spotless, make-believe kitchen can take some lessons from the Digital Life features.  For far less than the cost of a comprehensive home automation system, we could still install dimmers on lights and programmable thermostats.  And if we’re in the market for a new home, we could seek one the right size for our family’s needs without excess space to heat and cool.


Blogger Anne Brock of in an Atlanta, Georgia Dream Kitchen

I’d love to tell you more about our fun Digital Life home tour and all of the cool gadgets that can help your house work smarter.  But I’m back home in my real house with a real sink full  of pots and pans to wash in my real kitchen.  Here’s more info. from my chat with AT & T Digital Life representative Jori Victor.  Here’s to saving time, money and energy in all our homes!

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