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Conclusion of 7-Day Green Cycler Compost Challenge – Giveaway

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Ever wonder what happens to vegetable peelings when you throw them in the garbage? Chances are they take up valuable landfill space, when they could be replenishing your own organic garden for free!  Our family recently tried the Green Cycler kitchen tool to help us neatly and efficiently create compost from our plant-based kitchen scraps.BladesTurning GreenCycler





Here’s what our scraps looked like on the first day, when we compared our normal composting routine to pre-composting with the Green Cycler.  You can see that the scraps are much smaller.


Then our little science experiment yielded these photos day by day:








The Bin #1 scraps that had been shredded were broken down much faster and ready to go into the compost bin, eventually nourishing the next generation of growth in our little garden.  Because this spot we chose in the garden is a walkway lined with wood chips, they made our experiment area look even messier.  Of course, we spotted several ants, pill bugs and other tiny critters hard at work breaking down our compost to make their own dinner.  This snail was having a feast on Day 7.  It is good to make sure compost stays a little damp, but we got busy and forgot to “water” our tiny compost piles every day.  I forgot to take my photos until after dark, but even by flashlight, you can see that the shredded pile is farther along in decomposing.

While our family has long used a homemade compost bin, we would add the Green Cycler to our routine when possible.  There are some safety and maintenance concerns.

One concern is that the bin cover is not airtight, so is could allow insects inside. We ideally emptied the bin immediately after each use.  If we wouldn’t be able to empty the Green Cycler and clean it asap, it was better to store peelings temporarily in another sealed container.

A safety concern is that there is no built-in requirement for the lid to be closed before you can turn the hand crank and move the blades in the shredder cartridge.  Although my children were old enough to follow safety instructions, I would be concerned about a toddler having access to this.

One of my favorite GreenCycler features is that Ecotonix makes the GreenCycler right here in the United States, supporting USA jobs!  They won a Best New Product Award at the 2013 National Hardware Show.  The makers want to give one of‘s blog readers a FREE GreenCycler to use in your kitchen!  Just enter below.

*Disclosure:  Our family received a free GreenCycler to review and tell you about.  My opinions are always my own.  Giveaway closed.



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