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Back from Blogging School at Type A Parent Conference

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Do you attend classes for professional development in your chosen field of work?  For many career paths, the requisite education is clearly defined.  Not so for blogging.  Yet, the blogosphere is coming of age with more opportunities to learn and network in a conference setting.  Leading the way for parents who blog is the Type A Parent Conference. TypeAParentConferenceEntrance

AnneBrockTypeAConferenceAtlantaI volunteered to work a shift at this fall’s conference in order to cover my registration cost. Then I splurged on a new tote that combines a laptop carrier with a handbag and headed to Atlanta as an overly anxious student!  My awkward smile is trying to hide the fact that the tote is seriously heavy.




I roomed with a blogger and new media consultant from Chicago who likens her own life to a reality show.  You should see what Jennifer Evers is juggling these days!


One of the perks of attending a conference with just a few hundred bloggers instead of thousands is that you get a chance to attend small classes with seasoned instructors. I picked up free, signed copies of several Dummies series books on topics relating to blogging and social media. Even better, I was able to attend classes with two of those authors.  The woman who wrote the book on Pinterest, Kelby Carr (far left on photo below), is the conference founder.


As an old-school journalist, I’d rather be researching and writing stories and planning new content any day of the week. However, spending time at the conference was the perfect way to immerse myself in the latest technology and professional practices.  You already know I can bring you inspiring and compelling stories at  But I’m working to bring those to you in ways that are even better for you and more sustainable for me.   SouthMainMuseTypeA

You might wonder what continuing education has to do with posing next to a storm trooper along with one of many new blogger friends, Jamie Miles. Disney brought its characters to the conference to inspire us to have fun and get creative. The Disney executive reminded us that fun and creativity need to come first, even when the end goal is to educate our audience.

I have much more to share with you from the Type A Conference over the next few weeks, including personal stories about facing our fears and the surprise way that Disney let me bring a sprinkle of its magic back home with me!

Are you following on Pinterest?  Connect there to see my new Type A Conference board that will be up soon and feel free to re-pin your favorite photos.







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