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September Crops in our Little Organic Family Garden

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September is turning out to be another warm part of our ever-extending growing season in East Tennessee.  I saw another tomato plant blossoming in the effort to produce even more tomatoes.  We’ve still been picking and eating a few, despite our late-summer blight attack.


I found some saved pumpkin seeds and made a last-ditch attempt at a pumpkin crop.   A few plants have gotten started, so we’ll see what we have by late October.


This basil is still thriving, so I’ll be sure to pick and use more of it, maybe even freeze some more for soups and casseroles in the winter.  I’ve made pesto three times so far.  One was a large batch that I mostly saved in the freezer.


Carrots are still growing as fun root vegetables that the kids can pick a few at a time.


Another seeding of lettuce is starting to produce tiny leaves for us.


Our sweet bell peppers, although late bloomers, are still providing a beautiful early fall harvest.  I love picking these a few at a time, knowing we’re getting maximum nutrients from them.   This is one of those garden vegetables that my kids love so much they’ll eat them raw without any dip.

Another time, we’ll show you what’s happening with the little organic kale crop…

What are you growing in your organic garden?

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