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Seed Companies, Food Growers Appeal to Supreme Court

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Dozens of farming and seed growing groups are asking the Supreme Court of the United States to hear their ongoing concerns about protection from agricultural leader Monsanto.  The case led by the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association is being appealed now to the nation’s highest court after an appeals court dismissed the case.   The case has long-range implications about America’s food supply.


The growers with OSGATA, et al are still demanding a way to pre-emptively protect against unwanted contamination of conventional and organic crops by Monsanto’s patented, genetically engineered plants.  Monsanto and even the courts have said the company has no interest in suing farmers when small amounts of its transgenic seeds (containing genes from various organisms, not just plants) contaminate their crops.  But in the latest appeal, the plaintiffs state,

“However, Petitioners risk
being contaminated in amounts much greater than
1%, and thus remain compelled to forgo full use of
their land and adopt genetic testing of their seed
supplies in order to avoid being accused of patent
infringement by Respondents. “

Throughout the process so far, the plaintiffs have not been granted a day in court to have their case fully heard.  Monsanto has maintained that there is no conflict and therefore no need for a day in court.

We’ve been sharing updates with you about this ongoing case, most recently after the court threw it out.

We’ve also brought you interviews with various farmers and seed growers connected to this case who are concerned about their livelihood and the future of food.

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