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Food Mythbusters Reveal Junk Food Marketing to Kids

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You trust your child’s teacher to help shape a young mind with academic skills and life lessons.  Did you know she’s probably also become an unwitting marketer for the fast food industry?  Chances are, this professional with a masters degree who normally instructs others in science or literature or math will encourage your child to eat fast food because she’ll be flipping burgers at a special “school’ event.

How did this happen?  Perhaps your child doesn’t even watch any television ads and you rarely eat fast food. But through school teachers and sports teams and what seem like charitable causes, your child is still the target of fast food marketing.  If your child does have typical access to media, her or she sees an average of 4,600 junk food commercials per year.  Even if you’re teaching healthy eating habits and moderation, there’s a lot stacked against your best parenting efforts.

Bestselling author Anna Lappe and the Real Food Media Project are once again taking on the food industry in the latest of their Food Mythbusters film series.  This time they’re uncovering how the food industry markets to our kids, even without parents’ knowledge or consent, and how they bombard them with messages.  Here’s a sneak preview:

Watch for the full movie at the Food Mythbusters website.

And share the news about this movie with other concerned people that you know.

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