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Missing My Little Family Garden…

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I’m missing the little garden outside my back door.  My husband is faithful about watering, so whatever’s growing in the garden should be fine.  Wonder why I miss it so much?

I wonder how many more pole beans have matured in the last few days?  Whatever will I do with all of that basil?  And the gourds…have I told you about those strange gourds?  That’s an entirely different sort of fall project.

I’m missing our little organic family garden.  It’s become such a normal part of our backyard life.  I miss being able to step outside and pick fresh herbs for soup or to see if my latest attempt at growing pumpkins is succeeding.

Yes, I miss my little scrappy sprouts, too.  I miss my kids even though I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Type A Parent conference in Atlanta.

Before I left home last week, the kids and I had been experimenting with a new kitchen gadget that goes perfectly with our gardening and composting efforts.  More about that tomorrow.

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