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Little Organic Family Garden Harvests

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Strawberries and string beans, potatoes and pumpkins, prolific leaf lettuce and a modest amount of corn.  Sweet tomatoes and pungent garlic…we’ve grown a little of everything the past few years in our little organic family garden.  We struggled the first year with the hard, clay-like soil.  Then, raised beds filled with the best soil nutrients made things easier over the next couple of years.  We grow a garden to have the freshest food grown without toxic, persistent pesticides.

While our methods aren’t perfect, we’re frequently short on time, and sometimes the bugs get the best of us, we’ve grown a lot of food in spite of ourselves.  With our ever-lengthening growing seasons and the way cool-loving plants like kale can thrive all winter in the South, we’ve discovered that we can always grow a little something fresh in our own backyard.  Here’s to your family garden, whatever the size, whatever you like to eat!

Healthy soil building is important for a thriving organic garden.  So, our family composts year-around.  We’ve recently been asked to try an innovative tool to help any family start composting.  We’ll share more about that next week at

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