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Green Cycler Compost Challenge & Giveaway

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Grandma used to throw the vegetable peelings into a small pile at the edge of the garden. Mom saved eggshells and peelings to feed hogs on the farm.  Our family has been keeping a backyard compost pile for the past few years.  But there were a few interim years as a young adult when I threw banana peels into the garbage, to  be hauled to a landfill.  I didn’t stop to think whether that made any sense.  What happens to fruit and vegetable waste at your house?GreenCyclerArrives

I was excited to learn about a new kitchen gadget that neatly turns food waste into compost-ready material.  When the folks with Green Cycler asked our family to take their 7-Day Compost Challenge, we agreed to try it.

Green Cycler calls itself “the first kitchen pre-composter.”  We were interested to see how this new kitchen gadget might work in our kitchen, but be good for our garden.PeelingBinsSidebySide

We started the challenge with equal parts of food waste from our kitchen, side by side.  On that day we’d been eating ripe bananas, organic oranges and frozen watermelon wedges. I
We added a couple of lacy kale leaves from our garden.DumpFoodScraps

ShreddingMotionGreenCyclerThe kids helped me shred the food from Bin #1 in the new Green Cycler.  They opened the cover and dumped the food right in, then took turns cranking the sturdy arm.  The crank turns the stainless steel shredders inside the shredder cartridge.  In less than five minutes, the ecodrawer was full of ground up material ready for composting.Day1Piles

For the seven-day challenge we put both our shredded and unshredded food waste on paper towels, wet both piles with water, and covered them with buckets in the fenced garden area (hoping to keep out the family dog and the raccoons that like to help themselves to things).  We set out to discover how shredding our compost would differ from what we already do by throwing our food scraps into our compost bin.  It’s important to remember that composting is for plant materials, NOT meats, greases or breads.BinsCoveredBuckets

While the Green Cycler gives us a way to change up our composting routine, it might be just what you need to get started if you’ve thought of composting as too messy or stinky. Any covered container in your kitchen will work for temporarily holding peelings until transport to your backyard compost area.  However, the Green Cycler takes extra steps to help you avoid any unpleasantries while is speeds up the composting process.DrawerScrapsGreenCycler GreenCyclerPartstoWash

First, contents are enclosed under the lid, then inside the drawer after grinding. Plus, the Green Cycler contains a  yellow Zeofilter made from volcanic crystal zeolite with all-natural air freshening power.  Finally, both the shredder cartridge and the ecodrawer can be removed for cleaning.  So, if you’re super sensitive to having compostable material in your kitchen, you could wash the Green Cycler after every use.

On Day 2 of the challenge, my daughter was prepping fresh carrots for lunch, learning to peel the outsides directly into the Green Cycler.  I even ground up eggshells in the Green Cycler and could not smell them in the kitchen.PeelingCarrotsintoGreenCycler

What happened to our side by side bin contents at the end of the 7-Day Compost Challenge?

One of my favorite Green Cycler features is that Ecotonix makes the Green Cycler right here in the United States, supporting USA jobs!  They won a Best New Product Award at the 2013 National Hardware Show.  The makers want to give one of‘s blog readers a FREE Green Cycler to use in your kitchen!  Just enter below.

*Disclosure:  Our family received a free Green Cycler to review and tell you about.  My opinions are always my own.  Giveaway closed.

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