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Clean Couponing Tips: Simplest Frozen Pops Ever!

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Clean couponing can be so simple that it requires no coupon at all!  In some instances, simply planning ahead to maximum the potential of real food can stretch your food dollar even farther than a coupon could.

Frozen Pop Alternative

We want to share some tips on how clean couponing helped our family make the simplest frozen pops ever:

Frozen pops are popular with my kids, but I know that most of them contain an ingredientlist too long to decipher, questionable synthetic food dyes made from petroleum or coal tar, even questionable preservatives.  When seeking out frozen pops with real food ingredients, natural colors and flavors, they tend to be priced around $3 to $5 per box, depending on the brand and the week.  We found a brand with ingredients I would feed my kids that offered 6 frozen pops in one box.


For our alternative frozen pops, we started by paying $5 for a gigantic watermelon.  I scrubbed the outside with water before beginning to slice it.


I sliced 24 watermelon wedges that are comparable to the size of a fruit pop, sealing them inside glass containers before storing them in the freezer.  I was careful to allow enough space to the pops wouldn’t freeze together.  So, I had 4 times as many frozen pops as I would have with one purchased box.

Plus, I had a large glass bowl of fresh watermelon left for my family to eat that week.  What you don’t see in this photo is the portion that my kids ate while I was still in the midst of slicing it all up.

Frozen Pop Alternative

We can conservatively say that our $5 yielded 4 times as much as it would have if spent on a box of commercial frozen pops.  Plus, it was all real food.  On another green note, our watermelon purchase saved on the packaging that goes into getting processed foods to the grocery store.

My kids really love the taste and texture of frozen watermelon pops straight from our freezer!

How are you clean couponing this week?



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