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Cancer Schmancer Founder Fran Drescher Encourages Women’s Voices

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Her distinctive voice and comedic timing made Fran Drescher a household name in the 90s sitcom The Nanny.  She’s been entertaining audiences again with Happily Divorced on TV Land.  Drescher is using her voice to educate and encourage with her book and organization Cancer Schmancer!  She recently chatted via teleconference with women across the country brought together via Women’s Voices for the Earth.“I got famous, I got cancer and I lived to talk about it, so I’m talking,” shared Drescher.  She wrote bestselling book Cancer Schmancer after surviving uterine cancer.  The organization she founded educates about healthy lifestyle choices to promote cancer prevention as well as early detection to increase chances of surviving the disease.

“I err on the side of caution,” Drescher related as both a cancer survivor and a consumer.  Attendees to the exclusive WVE chat asked questions about everything from finding safer makeup to what new parents should know about limiting babies’ toxic exposures to how we can discuss cancer prevention with loved ones. Drescher encouraged the women to help dictate manufacturing trends by seeking safer products.Drescher was graciously personable, encouraging others to reduce stress, get educated about healthy foods and closely examine product labels.  When it comes to food, she suggested, “Buy very simple ingredients, don’t be fooled by “natural,” go for “organic.”  Drescher also stressed the need to “detox your home” of toxins found in many everyday products sold in the United States.  “I’d like to see ‘detox your home’ be the ‘don’t drink and drive’ of the 21st century,” Drescher exclaimed, sharing that the Trash Cancer guide at Cancer Schmancer offers a way to get started.

Having survived cancer herself, Drescher is mindful of the many personal choices we make to keep our bodies and souls as strong as possible.  She noted that it’s not too late for people battling the disease to start asking questions about everything in, on and around them.  She said, “That’s a time when your immune system is extremely compromised. You have to rebuild your body, looking at how to replenish the nutrients.” Drescher suggests checking out the Gerson book on this subject.

Cancer Schmancer and Women’s Voices for the Earth both offer educational resources on cancer prevention and advocacy.  While she notes that early detection is important, Drescher said, ”We’re not asking ourselves often enough, what is causing the cancer?”

Watch for the next Body & Soul webinar from WVE at this link.

*This blog does not intend to provide any medical or other professional advice.  Articles are for informational purposes only.


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