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Off to Blogging School at the Type A Parent Conference

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May I make a confession?  A couple of years ago I was embarrassed to tell anyone I was a blogger.  I might explain that I write little stories about my grandparents or that I share consumer news for today’s parents. But I would often describe what I do as an “online magazine,” thinking that would be more acceptable.  I realized that many colleagues from earlier years in a traditional newsroom had long been apprehensive about blogging.  I received a rejection of a perfectly wonderful story I was willing to cross-publish with a Midwestern newspaper, being told summarily, “we don’t do things with bloggers,” although I had my journalism degree just like them.typeacon_button

Fast forward just a couple of years, and suddenly everyone in traditional media is scrambling to boost their blogging and social media presence.  I no longer have to come up with a synonym for what I focus my education and newsroom experience on every day. Yes, I am a blogger.  And I’m off to blogging school this week where I’ll meet some of the best in the business who were blogging even before blogging was considered cool!

I appreciate the opportunity given by the Type-A Parent Conference to participate, volunteer and learn about blogging’s best practices.  I appreciate the chance to grow personally and professionally, especially to sharpen the technical skills needed to succeed.  While this conference attracts parenting bloggers, it’s less about parenting than about blogging.  It should be fun to meet other moms with a wide variety of parenting and blogging styles.

I’m happy to see a conference conveniently located in the South, with Atlanta as an ideal host city.  I’m a little apprehensive about leaving my husband behind to oversee hair on the morning of school picture day, but mostly my kids are supportive of what I’m doing.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to balance days of writing and reporting solo, of only social media interactions, with making new connections in person.  I’m hopeful that I’ll become a better blogger and be able to do more for you because of that.  While, like most bloggers, I secretly yearn for the perfect sponsors who are so enamored by my work that they want to support what I’m doing, I promise to never lose sight of the content that brought you here in the first place.

Can’t wait to share what happens at blogging school!


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