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Visiting East Tennessee’s WVLT TV Kitchen

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You know back-to-school time means bustling, busy mornings for your family.  If sending school lunch is part of your morning routine, don’t get stuck in the boring sandwich rut.  Our family is trying to step up our lunch prep routine to make wholesome, real food FUN for our kids to eat!  I was recently invited to share school lunch ideas with Allie Spillyards at WVLT Local 8 News in East Tennessee.  You can see our lunch chat in the TV kitchen at this link to WVLT.
WVLT Allie Spillyards, Blogger Anne Brock with
Lots of bloggers have been sharing lunch ideas through the Rock the Lunch Box (don’t miss out on clean coupons there) campaign in conjunction with several brands we’ve been sampling.  Although the specific Rock the Lunch Box giveaway at this blog has closed, we’re offering another giveway at this link to help one lucky reader stock up on fun lunch box foods!  And by the way, sandwiches don’t have to be boring.  Don’t miss this tasty giveaway of sandwich fixings that’s going on too.
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