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Michigan Family Making Organic Cotton Diapers in USA

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What’s a parent to do when something’s troubling Baby’s sensitive skin?  When diaper rash bothers Baby, parents look for answers. And smart mamas like Christy Malone create their own solutions.  

Malone shared, “We started cloth diapering with our second daughter and we had a hard time finding a diaper that really worked for her.  She developed really severe rashes with a lot of the other diapers that were lined with polyester.  So we needed an organic cotton diaper.  We really wanted something made in the US, and we couldn’t find one, so we decided to made our own.”

Like many other smart parents today, the Malones knew cloth diapering would save hundreds of dollars each year over disposables while preventing landfill waste.  They also wanted their cloth diapers to work as a convenient, all-in-one system to save parents time. While cloth diapering just a few years ago meant stuffing and removing lots of cloth inserts, the Malones’ unique Smart Bottoms design eliminates that step.  A length of buttery soft attached fabric folds to create several inner layers.

Malone explained, “Our patent pending design allows for a parent to be able to customize where they need the absorbancy the most.  So you can put more in the front for a boy, or  in the middle for a girl.  It also allows it to dry in one dryer cycle. Since this is all loose, it will dry super quick. Yet you will still get the full ten layers of absorbency in the diaper.”  Row after row of durable snaps give parents plenty of ways to adjust the diapers for a snug fit.
Gentleness and function aren’t the only points Smart Bottoms get for modern diapering.  Malone’s husband, Geoff proudly explained that the Grand Rapids, Michigan couple decided to make their diapers entirely in the United States, supporting USA jobs and US-grown organic cotton. He said proudly, “The one thing that makes smart bottoms very unique in the industry is that 100% of all our products are manufactured in the United States.  And all of our suppliers for our products are US companies, as well.  And most of them manufacture all of their materials here in the United States.”
If you’re just switching to Smart Bottoms, you’ll note that they require several rounds of washing before they’re ready for maximum absorbancy, so be sure to read the instructions.

When I met the Malones recently at the EcoFAB50 reception in Chicago, my first thought was, “Where were you when I was first diapering my babies?” Their system would have been so much more convenient for me and gentle on my babies’ skin. Even though my babies have outgrown their diapering days, I’m happy to share the Smart Bottoms story with you.

The Malones sent me home with the cutest little size-adjustable diaper in a color that makes me think of Tennessee Vol orange! Isn’t that adorable?

One lucky winner of a giveaway will receive a Smart Bottoms “Smart One 3.0” diaper in either a boy, girl or neutral color. Just enter below.  Be sure to get your extra entries by visiting the Smart Bottoms website and sharing in the blog post comments which diaper color you like the best.  Encourage Smart Bottoms to keep making great products for babies in the USA by “liking” their Facebook page and following them on Twitter.  If you’d like to see more feature stories about products made in the USA and organic products, please share this story with your friends and ask them to “like” the FlourSackMama Facebook page to show your enthusiasm!

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