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This is Personal: Fixing America’s Broken Chemical Safety Policy

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Do you find it acceptable that our babies are typically born with hundreds of toxins in their cord blood?
Do you find it acceptable that the US does not use the precautionary principle to protect its citizens, while other developed countries use a more cautious approach to health and safety?
Do you find it acceptable that one in two men and one in three women will now get cancer in our lifetime?
If you’re as concerned as I am about having a healthy future for my children and their children, you might want to watch Wednesday morning’s hearing streamed live online (starts 9:30 AM Eastern) at this US Senate website.  It’s about a measure that could, if strengthened, help protect consumers from the worst chemicals of concern and help protect the most vulnerable among us.  It could help ensure that products are safe before they reach store shelves, instead of placing all of the burden on us to decipher labels and guess for ourselves whether we’re unwittingly exposing our children to endocrine disrupting, infertility threatening, cancer causing substances.
In case listening to committee hearings is not your favorite thing, I’ll be watching and bringing you highlights and reaction later on. Whether you have time to watch the entire hearing or not, you can take action in just five minutes to tell your US Senator “this is personal.”  Politely explain, adding your own words, why you care about an updated chemical safety policy and what that personally means to your family.  You could even call your senator’s office to briefly chat.  When you click the action link, it will conveniently pull up the contact phone number you need.

If you’ll be watching the hearing, you can join in for this live Twitter party that will give you the chance to add your voice in real time:

Join @MomsRising for a live twitter chat at #SaferChemicals during #EPW hearing on toxic chemicals 7/31 9:30 AM!
— MomsRising (@MomsRising) July 30, 2013

I know, you probably dislike politics as much as I do. I too am frustrated that leaders spend too much time in political grandstanding and no time accomplishing good for the people.  I advocate for consumer rights with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families because it’s a broad-based, nonpartisan coalition representing millions of moms, teachers, nurses, pediatricians, scientists and leading businesses who want common sense chemical safety reform.  You can find more background on this family issue at this blog tab.


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