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Tennessee’s US Senators Alexander & Corker Introduce Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2013

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Bald River Falls

Renowned outdoorsman US Senator Lamar Alexander has teamed up with US Senator Bob Corker to preserve more of Tennessee’s wilderness. The pair have introduced the Tennessee Wilderness Act of 2013. If the popular bill becomes law, nearly 20,000 acres of Cherokee National Forest will be designated as wilderness, adding an extra layer of protection for these already public lands and the headwaters they contain.

In a media release, Senator Alexander shared, “I grew up hiking the mountains of East Tennessee, and conserving these areas gives future generations of Tennesseans the same sort of opportunity.  This legislation takes important steps toward protecting our natural heritage, and gives the millions of people who visit Tennessee each year an additional reason to come and enjoy our outdoors.”

Senator Corker commented, “I think Tennesseans take great pride in the fact that millions of people visit our state every year to experience our incredible God-given amenities.  I thank Senator Alexander for his lifelong commitment to protecting wilderness areas and am proud to join him in this effort to preserve Cherokee National Forest for future generations of Tennesseans and Americans to enjoy.”

Guided Hike in Upper Bald River Wilderness
The largest portion of the acreage marked for wilderness designation is more than 9,000 acres called Upper Bald River Wilderness in Monroe County. brought you a story about the Tennessee Wilderness Act after our guided tour earlier this year with the director of the Tennessee Wild coalition of conservation groups.  This wilderness includes headwaters of rivers that eventually provide drinking water for citizens in Chattanooga.  It includes famous hiking trails, dense forests teeming with wildlife, and dramatic waterfalls.

You can take action here to thank Tennessee’s senators for reintroducing the Tennessee Wilderness Act.
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