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Our Little Organic Family Garden

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Seems like summer’s just begun and good things are growing in our little organic family garden.
We reseeded with new leaf lettuce, and the first tiny plants should continue growing for a while too, even after we cut this basketful to eat.
We’re trying to save the garlic and only pull one or two at a time.

Just planted these pumpkin seeds saved from last year, in the newest vegetable bed.

Happy to see this purple coneflower adding some food for the wildlife.

These raised beds my husband built last year have been very convenient for gardening in this year.  Glad we could find plain, untreated cedar so we don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching from the wood.

We’re holding out hope that this monstrously large, elephant-ear-like plant will bloom in the flower bed.  If it doesn’t flower soon, it’s gone.  It seems to be developing buds.  We’ve planted so many different flower seeds in this bed, we don’t remember what it is.  Is it just an overly enthusiastic weed?

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