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Greener Back-to-School with The Housing Hour on NewsTalk 98.7 Radio

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Back-to-school time doesn’t have to lull you into the same old routine.  What if you could save money in the long run by making a few different choices about school purchases and habits this year?  We’ll explore making back-to-school time greener this Saturday morning at 8 am on NewsTalk 98.7 with hosts of the Housing Hour.’s blogger Anne Brock,
The Housing Hour Host Kevin Rhea,
The Housing Hour Co-Host Mark Griffith

If you’re not in Tennessee, you can still listen to podcasts about all sorts of home topics on The Housing Hour’s website.

Here are links to some of the resources I mention on this weekend’s show:

CHEJ PVC-free Guide

Hazardous 100+ (Mind the Store)

Rock the Lunch Box post

Energy Star

PTO Today

Bookmark these, then listen to what hosts Kevin Rhea and Mark Griffith have to say about going greener!  I love hearing their perspective on things.

Want to hear more family friendly green topics from on The Housing Hour?  Visit their show’s Facebook page and let them know!
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