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From Lawn Mowing to Food Growing

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What if you never had to mow a section of your lawn again?  It’s possible, if you can dedicate even a small portion to a food and/or flower bed.  We recently dedicated another portion of our family’s backyard to growing food.  We’ve filled our little fenced-in garden of raised beds (and extra containers) until it’s bursting at the edges with tomato, pepper and squash plants, plus all of the extra vegetables we wanted to try this year.  I had saved pumpkin seeds to plant this summer, then I realized there was not one square foot left in the fenced garden.  I even had some homeless summer squash seeds with nowhere to grow.
So, I started eyeing the edge of the garden that abuts the lawn, and wondered how many pumpkins could grow in a long, narrow bed running up the hillside.
My handy carpenter-husband made quick work of using 6-inch wide cedar fence planks from the home improvement store to create a long, narrow vegetable bed.  He created little 9-inch-long wooden stakes to secure the cedar edging, using wood screws as needed.  About three-quarters of a scoop of mushroom compost from the local gardening center filled the bed. I have hopes for pumpkins, a few more summer squash and even some flowers to keep the bees happy.
With minimal effort and around $25 in materials we have our new vegetable bed.  It runs approximately 22 feet long by 2 feet wide.  And that’s 44 square feet of lawn that we’ll never again have to mow!

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