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Follow Your Nose into the Garden…

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So maybe you already stop to smell the roses. Good for you.  Have you noticed all of the other fascinating scents awaiting in the garden?  Come on in for a little tour:
Lemony citrus scent invites your nose when you stop just inside the garden gate at a hanging basket with lemon thyme tucked inside.
Lemon Thyme
You’ll notice a spicier scent coming from the delicate buds of English thyme.
English Thyme
Greek oregano gives off a mild scent, ready to become an easy addition to many of your favorite meals.
Greek Oregano
Yes, this is oregano too, although it’s more pungent and you only need a pinch for spaghetti sauce.
Delicate white flowers dance among the frilly leaves of summer favorite cilantro.
Nearby you can inhale the festive, year-round scent of hardy rosemary.
Blooms are attracting the bees to the garden corner filled with bluish lavender.

Ever notice how tomato plants give off a distinct summery scent, long before blooms and fruit come along?
Tomato Plant
Finally, get close for a sweet and spicy experience with basil.
The mint in our garden offers the nose little hint about its minty tasting leaves.
Scents, just like the beauty of blooms and the function of food, are important in your garden.  They help with integrated pest management, as you attract happy pollinators and other beneficial insects.  The variety, balance and tranquility scents offer can feed your body and soul!  What scents soothe you in the garden?

Tomorrow:  going from lawn mowing to food growing…

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