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Advice from My Daughters on Attending My First BlogHer Conference

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My daughters understand exactly why I would create my own custom tote to take along to my first BlogHer conference. They know I’m a bit old-fashioned and that I often value handcrafted items above anything we could find at the store. What’s really special is what’s inside:  old-fashioned school pictures and folded up artwork for this stay-at-home mom who hasn’t spent much time away from her kids in the past few years.  I can already tell that their fun-filled time with my husband will keep them busy; while I’m missing them before I even leave home!

My daughters are also sending me off to the conference with their words of advice.  I thought I’d share some of those with you.

On Fashion:
“Wear funky clothes!”
“You should wear your tennis shoes or high heeled shoes…or whatever’s comfortable.”

On Manners:
“Introduce yourself and be friendly.”
“If you’re really shy, then at least say hello.”

On Networking:
“Tell people about your blog.”
“Whenever you get to that hotel, you could give the hotel person one of your cards.”

On Blogging:
“You could go someplace and do an interview…”
“Take your camera and take lots of pictures of everything you see.”

On Education:
When I asked them what I need to learn, they answered, “Everything!”
“Try to learn all you can in your classes.”

On Food:
“Try to eat healthy stuff.  Don’t have dessert.  Instead of eating a hamburger, have something else that’s healthy like yogurt.”
“You can eat a little bit of dessert, just not a whole lot.”

On Being Away:
“Remember to, like, call us and tell us about what it’s like and what you’ve been doing.”
“Go to every party and get us a souvenir at every party!”

I feel lucky to have such a thoughtful support team at home, even during some well-deserved me time.

See you in Chicago!

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