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US Rowing Spokesman Promotes Rowing for Fitness

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US Rowing Youth National Championships

Parents and are venturing out onto the water to teach children rowing at younger and younger ages.  So, it makes sense to AJ Dominique that youth rowing is such a rapidly growing sport.   “We run events and regattas that reach everyone from age 13 to age 89,” said Dominique proudly, when we met at the site of the Youth National Championships for US Rowing.

Events Manager AJ Dominique
US Rowing

Dominique serves as US Rowing’s Events Manager, putting all the pieces in place long before the boats and athletes arrive.  While this year’s Youth Nationals were on Tennessee’s Melton Hill Lake, Dominique said the same competition will be in California next year.

“This year’s championship is real exciting, it’s the biggest it’s ever been.  And we’ve got clubs from literally all over the country,” shared Dominique.  While the sport has long been strong at the collegiate level and is growing at the youth level, he acknowledged that it also works as a family sport and one that older adults can stay involved in.
US Rowing Youth National Championships

Could rowing help you get or stay fit?  Of course.  Dominique elaborated, “Rowing is one of the best all-around full body workouts that you can get!  It involves pushing with the legs, pulling with the arms and back. When it’s done properly, it really promotes core strength as well as cardio.  So it’s a really good mix of cardio and anaerobic work that really promotes one of the best fitness levels overall and well-rounded fitness levels that you can have!”

US Rowing Youth National Championships
US Rowing Youth National Championships

You can find more information about getting involved in rowing at the US Rowing website.

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