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Green Rewards from Our Little Organic Family Garden

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What are you harvesting from your family garden these days?  We try to grow with organic and sustainable methods, without toxic pesticides.  Healthy soils and attention to details about insect populations are key.  Hint:  most insects are helpful in the garden, such as pollinators that we couldn’t live without.  It’s good to have flowers and herbs mixed in to attract beneficial insects.  It’s all about balance (I don’t mean that merely as an expression; organic growers research this).  
So far, we’ve enjoyed red, ripe strawberries, continued green leafy kale, an early garlic and young leaf lettuce.  Plus, we’ve managed a fairly modest addition of herbs such as thyme, oregano, and rosemary and cilantro. 
It’s rewarding to see a simple bean planted in the ground become a gorgeous stalk with tendrils wrapping themselves around a bamboo pole.

Our tomatoes are late bloomers, but we’re hopeful about them.  The squash plants are trying to take over and need some attention.  It’s exciting to see new foods in our garden this year such as potatoes and (hopefully) watermelon.  We’ve run out of space for planting pumpkins — so I’m still trying to solve that challenge since they need to be planted asap.
If you make mistakes from time to time like I do — that’s ok.  Just create a healthy space for growing something, and enjoy eating  fresh from your garden!
Tomorrow:  what are other bloggers sharing about their gardens?
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