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Dads and Kids Love Green Smoothies!

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Simple, No-Recipe Smoothies
Not only kids, but dads too, love smoothies packed with all sorts of good nutrition!  I confess that often at our house I skip the recipes and just throw in whatever I have available.  
Our favorite green ingredient is freshly picked and washed kale leaves from the organic family garden.  This stuff just keeps growing, and it’s so good for you!  
Carrot juice is my favorite mix-in liquid.  Yes, it really is as simple as throwing everything into the blender.
Freshly Picked Organic Kale
I am partial to Stonyfield organic yogurt, any variety (because I love its wholesomeness and as a Yo-Getter I sometimes get perks like free yogurt).  Our family’s favorite in smoothies is their strawberry yogurt, but I sometimes use the plain yogurt, too.
A little local, raw honey is our favorite sweetener of choice (of course, don’t feed honey to your child under one year old).  A sprinkle of cinnamon adds a touch of extra flavor.
Freshly Picked Organic Strawberries
And fruit, any and all fruit, goes beautifully in smoothies.  We’ve been fortunate to have some fresh, organic strawberries growing in our little garden, so they were our top pick.
Can you ever go wrong with a smoothie?  I don’t think so.  I realize there are many complex smoothie recipes out there, and health experts will give you detailed lists of ingredients.  If I mess up, I just add more yogurt and it turns out fine!  
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