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Reading Sandra Steingraber’s Message to Fellow Mothers

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Why do Americans, in this day and age, have to beg and plead for others to simply use common sense?  Why, when something as fundamental as clean air or water is at stake, doesn’t everyone want to work together for a solution?  If there was any question in my mind that parents must be more mindful than ever about our children’s future, it was answered when I read world renowned scientist and author Sandra Steingraber’s recent letter to other moms, written from the Chemung County Jail.
When I heard that Steingraber was jailed along with other peaceful protesters to draw attention to concerns about protecting the waters of Seneca Lake, I wondered why the powers that be didn’t just listen to her in the first place.  This cancer survivor, biologist and author of Raising Elijah and Living Downstream, has a doctorate degree and has testified as an expert in all sorts of venues.  If she thinks New Yorkers should be concerned about the health and safety risks posed by storing natural gas products near a lake many people depend on for drinking water, she’s probably done her homework.  Reasonable leaders in government and even business would listen to her and look for safer solutions, wouldn’t they?

Many of us busy moms can thank Steingraber for opening our eyes to profound parenting concerns through her book Raising Elijah.  I admit I’m not prepared to participate in civil disobedience the way she bravely did.  However, I respect that these are serious, somber issues of protecting our children from toxins now and trying to preserve a healthy world for them to have when we’re gone.  I’m thinking Elijah and his sister were pretty proud of their mom.

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